Life in the 'Burbs, Winter

Arriving to the First Snowstorm in 2017

In Jan 2017, we flew into the US with Mama and Grandma to meet up with Papa who arrived 2 weeks earlier. We were pretty good on the 24 hour flight journey and each slept 7 hours straight. But we heard Mama hardly slept. Perhaps it was b’cos See1 only fell asleep after See2 woke up.

Our lives as a family of 4, packed up into 10 checked baggages

Getting acquainted with our winter gear upon arriving to the first snowstorm of the year. Mama ordered these winter wear and sent it to our new address, and Papa met us at the airport all ready to dress us up.

We had to make 2 UBER trips back to our new place to fit everything and Papa had to push all our luggages through the snow. It was pretty epic.

Playing with snow right outside our church – This was the day after our arrival. We slept the first day away and the next day was Sunday. Papa brought us to church and we were literally kids who’s just seen snow for the first time in their lives. We sat next to the church entrance and started playing with snow. We wondered why other kids didn’t join us, but we were too busy to care.

We saw some neighbours playing with a sled and asked where they got it from. We then bought it within the day and started sledding right in front of our home. It was super fun!

Since surviving our first Winter, we’ve learnt a thing or two about snowstorms and different types of snow. In general, the best type of snow for sledding is “old snow” which are somewhat hardened. And it’s best to build snowmen on the day of snowfall.

The snow-deprived Southeast Asian kids in us craved for snow so much that we celebrate every snowfall. One particular light snowfall day, we got dressed (typically 45 mins from start to getting out of the door) and rushed out, only to realise that the ground was barely covered with snow. See1 was so upset after all that anticipation (all the previous snow had melted and we were waiting for weeks for the next snowfall), only to find out that it wasn’t enough for sledding nor to build a snowman.

When we got all dressed up for snow play, but there wasn’t enough snow to play with.

Our first snowman ever. We didn’t know it then that the snow wasn’t ideal (it was a few days old), and we tried our best to gather snow and compact them together, but they kept falling apart. This snowman was completed after pulling out buckets of water from our home and drowning the snow with water to “gel” them together. We were so happy with our snowman, even though it was pretty small.

We waited for our next snowfall day, which happened only in March (snow storm Stella) – Winter felt like it wasn’t gonna end. This time, we weren’t gonna pass up on the opportunity to build our best snowman yet. The only problem was, it was a rather heavy snowstorm. But we still got out the moment it stopped snowing.

This time, it was much easier to make snowballs. The problem was it was so easy that we got carried away rolling the snowballs and it got too heavy to put them on top of one another.

Much better?

Awkward smiles – it was freezingggg…

Winter for us was extremely cold and long (felt like it wasn’t gonna end). We stayed indoors on most days since it was too cold and too troublesome to go out (ok, it was more like Mama felt that it was too much work just to go out, but we were ever ready).

There’s so much to do in the snow! Like rolling around in it.

Getting into snowball fights

And making snow angels

We are really happy to have experienced the Winter. But, Spring was SOOOOOOoooo much more fun!


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