Life in the 'Burbs, Spring

Spring is Beautiful!

Even though everybody here tells us that the past Winter was very mild compared to the years before, it was still pretty cold for us. And though we could stare at snowfall for a long, long time, we were so happy when Spring arrived. Spring was also the time we discovered the flora and fauna around us. 

Since we moved in Winter, we didn’t know what trees were around us. When Spring came, we were pleasantly surprised to find so many beautiful and sweet smelling trees right outside our home!

Our home is surrounded by beautiful cherry trees and we didn’t know!

See1: “It smells like my lip balm here!”

These cherry trees bloom overnight but will also disappear overnight, after some rain showers.

We spotted many different shades of the Azalea flowers and this is one of them.

Even though the dandelion is a type of weed, we still love spotting the seed heads and blowing off the seeds.

Reddish brown maple leaves

We’re off to water the plants. Till next time!

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