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Easter 2017

Coming from Singapore, where we don’t have the four seasons, we didn’t know that Easter actually marks the beginning of Spring. We never knew the significance of Easter (and the bunnies) to non-Christians and never immersed ourselves in the whole Easter festivities, besides attending church and celebrating the resurrection of Christ. 

This year, we got to enjoy Easter celebrations on a whole new level. We participated in our church’s Easter outreach event and got to meet other kids in the community. There were many activities like making our own magnets, decorating our own easter egg poster, face painting, balloon sculpting, and the highly anticipated easter egg hunt. Each kid even got their own goodie bag stuffed with snacks and juice. We had so much fun.

See2 making his own bunny magnet

See1 making his easter egg poster with the help of a volunteer

With the other kids in the neighbouring community

See1’s completed poster

See2 chose to have his easter bunny painted on his hand rather than on his face. We aren’t fans of face painting.

See2 waiting in line for the easter egg hunt for his age group. He’s holding the balloon sculpture that See1 queued a long time for.

See2’s easter egg hunt spoils

It’s nice that the easter egg hunt was conducted separately for kids of different age groups. Firstly, it’s safer when the number of kids in the playing area is controlled. Secondly, the smaller kids will not be trampled over by the bigger kids. And lastly, everyone goes home with something.

We love the surprise eggs and had so much fun (and sugar) that day we hoped everyday is easter!

Back home, Mama got us to decorate some Easter eggs. Here’s what we did:

Our creations

Mama made a Ninjago Cole egg for See1

And a Red Angry Bird for See2

Here’s what we wore on Easter Sunday. Jesus Loves Me This I know.

We helped Mama make these yummy hot crossed buns.

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