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Spring Soccer

Our favourite memory about Spring soccer season has got to be the ice creams. Man, those ice cream/ popsicle at the end of each session was everything we look forward to. Jokes aside, See1’s interest in soccer grew over the weeks. It didn’t start off all that well, because See1 would be frustrated that he couldn’t get the ball or couldn’t seem to score. Then Papa and Mama had a chat with him and he decided to change his mindset, focusing only on having a good attitude towards soccer, regardless of the result. And that changed everything. 

He started getting to the ball faster, trying his hardest to get it into the goal, but if he failed, he still wore a smile on his face and never gave up. That made Papa and Mama very happy. They said that it doesn’t matter if he wins or loses, as long as he tried his best and never gave up.

Here are some highlights of the entire season:

See1’s first soccer session

See1’s all excited

Drill time

See2 patiently waiting by the sidelines week in and out

He wanted to join in, but didn’t make the age requirement

See1’s skills improved steadily each week

But the highlight’s still the ice cream!

Ninja Turtle Ice Cream


Playing together before the session began

It was an amazing season. See1 can’t wait for the summer soccer season to begin.

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