Life in the 'Burbs, Spring


This Spring, we also took some gymnastic classes. See1 got to attend with the 3-5 year olds,while See2 attended the 0-3 year old, parent accompanied classes. It would have been perfect if the both of us could attend the classes together, because See2’s class was too elementary for him. It was also filled with toddlers which made it very hard to do much per session.

The classes for See1 was much more structured. Each week, the coaches set up the apparatus differently, introducing 1 new element at a time.

Warmup before each session

Balance Beam

Assisted Back Flip

We were always the last to leave because we love to help

See2 doing the balance beam in his class

These scarves were given out during See2’s class. They were used to get the little todds to follow the fall of the cloth, but we weren’t too impressed with that. So we got Mama to make them into capes for us.

All in, we love gymnastics but Mama thinks it’ll be the same lessons throughout unless we make it for the next age groups. So we will be taking a break for now.

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