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Hi, I’m Mama See

The Seeblings call me Mama, and I am the main person behind this blog (obviously). I was a Phys. Ed. teacher at a renown high school in Singapore and I left teaching to pursue writing. I wrote for CLEO (a fashion/ lifestyle magazine in Singapore) and then subsequently freelanced for Mother & Baby Magazine (a parenting magazine). 

The publishing industry was not what I envisioned it to be (think cattiness and lots of gossiping), and I soon left for the corporate world. 1 year into the job, I conceived and gave birth to See1 (this was after 2 years of infertility – as diagnosed by one gynaecologist). The entire journey to motherhood was a difficult one and it inspired me to start a blog – Becoming Mummy.

The blog had a good readership and one of my blogpost (Dear Jeremy Lee) was one of the trending topics in Singapore on the day I posted it and even went viral. I was then invited to a local talk show (Talking Point) to join an esteemed panel consisting of a university professor and an entrepreneur to discuss some parenting-related topics. I love writing and blogging seemed to be a good match because it gives me an outlet to write. It’s also very rewarding when I know people read my blogposts. Sometimes, I would run into strangers who recognise my kids from my blog and it’s nice to know that people can relate to what I write.

But life as a stay home mom to 2 kids under 2, and then 2 kids under 3, was tough to say the least. I hardly have time to sleep, let alone blog. So the blog was left pretty much unattended. When the license for the domain expired last year, I decided not to renew as I already knew that the family will be moving to the US. I wasn’t sure if I’ll have the time to blog.

It’s been more than half a year since we’ve arrived in the US and I am beginning to get into the swing of things, I’ve also been itching to write/ blog. I think it would be a pity if all our experiences here go undocumented. While I still have access to my old blog, I think our new journey deserves a new blog and I have hopes of gifting the boys with everything I write here when they become parents themselves. I’ve also decided to manage the blog from the boys’ perspective, rather than mine for the same reason.

From time to time, I’ll be sharing my views on topics close to my heart – parenting related, homeschooling, recipes, postnatal fitness, etc. I’ll also be linking some relevant posts from my previous blog – posts that I’ve received comments on how parents can relate to or how it has helped them.

Read some of my republished articles:

As a parent blogger, I’ve made numerous friends in the parenting community, and I wish to continue to learn more and share more with parents around the world. Come journey with us in The Seebling Adventure.

The Seeblings and Mama See in a July 4 carnival.

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