Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore! | Celebrating Singapore’s National Day in D.C.

Location: D.C.

Singapore’s National Day falls on Aug 9. This year, being 10,000 miles away from home, and having a 12-hour time difference, we got up early in the morning to catch the live telecast of the National Day Parade. Coincidentally the Singapore Armed Forces celebrates their 50th year in service this year. There was an elaborate display of our country’s air, sea and land defence capabilities. See1 was awestruck and got really excited when he realised that he will be serving the Armed Forces in time.

Apart from the National Day Parade, we were also looking forward to meeting and gathering with other overseas Singaporeans at the Consulate of Singapore, Washington D.C. The event was held on Aug 11. We travelled over 3 hours to get to the dinner, but it was definitely worthwhile. 

Besides the yummy Singaporean food that we missed so dearly, meeting and speaking to Singaporeans again was very endearing. Looking at the sea of red and white, we felt like we had been transported back to Singapore, for those few hours. Needless to say, everyone couldn’t wait to tuck into the food which consisted of chicken rice, laksa, roti prata, rendang, gado gado, nonya kuehs, cream puffs, almond jelly dessert, curry chicken, and even ice cream served on bread! In true Singaporean fashion, everyone dutifully made beelines for the various food stations and piled up their plates for the buffet-styled dinner. Papa and Mama looked most content with the laksa and we were happy with our chicken rice and roti prata, “smacked” to perfection.

Hanging out with our Singaporean friends (we don’t live in the same state) before the event

The beautiful Singapore flag – cake which we didn’t get to eat. But we got to try a cake pop each and they were yum!

See2 posing with the Singapore flag

A wall displaying the portraits of Singapore’s former Ministers for Foreign Affairs (from 1965 – 2011)

Listening to Ambassador of Singapore to the US, Ashok Kumar Mirpuri, addressing the overseas Singaporeans

We got to Sing the National Anthem and recite the pledge. After which, it was party time!

One of the food stations – Chicken Rice

The 2 of us at the photobooth | We love SG!

Thank you, Consulate of Singapore, D.C. for organising the event. We had a blast!

For more footages of the event, watch the video below:

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