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    Conquering the East Coast One Beach at a Time – (Maryland)

    In recent years, whenever there’s a public holiday, our family will aim to go to the beach. The beach is the best place for Papa and Mama to relax because we would be so occupied with the sun, sand and sea that we would give them their much needed peace. Back in Singapore, the beach meant no further than a 30 min drive from our home. And since it was summer temperatures all round, we could go anytime of the year as long as it doesn’t rain on the day.

    Here in the US, ever since the summer began, we’ve been visiting beaches almost every sunny weekend. But the difference is, the nearest beach is at least 2 hours away. Add traffic to that, and we usually take 2.5 to 3 hours to get to the beaches. But it’s also rewarding to know that all these beaches are natural beaches (Singapore only has man made beaches).  Read more…